All Men Are Created Equal?

Lisa_Reilly_07_DA[9]Thomas Jefferson and Community Life at Monticello and UVA” seeks to bring schoolteachers together with some of the foremost scholars on Thomas Jefferson, among them several who helped create digital resources that allow an in-depth look at the third president’s personal writings and drawings, as well as recorded comments by his slaves and digital reconstruction of spaces at Monticello and the University of Virginia, in two workshops during the summer of 2016. These programs would explore not only the public spaces that Monticello and the University of Virginia represent, but the private ruminations of their founder as seen through textual, architectural, and archaeological evidence. Such a study, located in historic Charlottesville, Virginia, and conducted at Monticello and on grounds at the University, will afford participants an unusual opportunity for understanding the private life of Thomas Jefferson that will provide insight into his public institutions, his most prominent writings, and the seemingly contradictory aspects of his public image and private life.